Recruit. Develop. Grow.

HB Specialty Foods is not only different with our quality products but with our quality workforce!
What is HB doing differently from other corporations? The Development of the People Operations Department! People Operations (People Ops) is the HB business function that puts production AND people first.

Part 1 [LEARN]

What is a Co-Packer & How to Find a Great Manufacturing Partner.

An entrepreneurs’ journey: Choosing the right co-packer at the right time

For entrepreneurs, choosing the right co-packer at the right time may be one of the most intimidating, but also most game-changing decisions of your business’s life.

Diversity – HB’s Ingredient to Success

Our passion to deliver the best food solutions is what unites our team. Collaboration of diverse team backgrounds is our greatest ingredient at HB Specialty Foods.

HB Runs Quality Facilities & We Have the Audits to Prove It.

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