Diversity – HB’s Ingredient to Success

Jun 8, 2020 | Career Corner, Culture

When making the best food solutions for our customers at HB, we know that it can be accomplished with the best team! HB culture is fast paced and exciting with continuous requests of new product lines in the changing market. With this type of work environment, the HB team members have to be quick for solutions to problems that can appear from nowhere. Our team members are diverse in background and culture to bring innovation to the table. Not one team member is the same, as we have working mothers in leadership roles to newcomers to Idaho and even the United States. Many of the people who started in entry level roles have grown in to leadership positions, as we recognize that our talent grows with our acceptance of what they can bring to the table.

Our passion to deliver the best food solutions is what unites our team. Collaboration of diverse team backgrounds is our greatest ingredient at HB Specialty Foods. We work smart with the team members who are always up for a challenge as they may have another perspective from their own life experience. HB embraces all ages, genders, and backgrounds as we see firsthand how a diverse team can tackle together the production needs that our industry asks of us today. At HB, we all belong to the “healthy” and “better” team. Our competitive advantage is our people and we truly appreciate their work and dedication.


HB Specialty Foods



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