Dry Blending

When you already have a formula, and need a manufacturing partner that you can trust, look no further than HB Specialty Foods.  Our team has strong relationships across the food ingredient industry, that allow us to navigate supply issues and make sure you are always getting a fair price. 

Our Quality Control team will be monitoring product quality to ensure specifications are adhered to and the product you receive functions as expected, every time.  We can also offer technical support at the plant and in the lab from one of our product experts trained on a variety of equipment, processes and ingredients.

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Using our knowledge of flavor systems and our deep understanding of functional food ingredients, our team can create a limitless variety of ways to deliver enjoyment to your customer.

By keeping our fingers on the pulse of trends from all over the globe we can work with you to customize formulations that will make your products stand above the competition.

Healthier and Better for people and planet

Reduced Sodium Applications

Healthy Ingredient Identification and Integration

Fat Reduction Solutions

Clean Label Formulations


Gluten Free Solutions

Reduced Sugar/Carbohydrate Formulations

Project Verified Non-GMO, Regenerative, and Organic Offerings


HB Runs Quality Facilities & We Have the Audits to Prove It.

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