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Jun 1, 2020 | Our Community

Over the past several weeks, our country has faced uncharted challenges with COVID-19. Our thoughts and prayers continue to go out to everyone affected by this virus. Here at HB, our team has risen to the challenge to provide uninterrupted service to our customers, partnered with our community to assist at the local level and provided resources to our hard-working team members.

We have collectively embraced the shared responsibility to sustain our food supply chains and ensure that people have nutritious food to eat.  We have made every effort to ensure the continued safety and health of our team members while striving to successfully respond to the increased demand for products our customers desperately need to get food back into the stores.  By a substantial measure, March was the largest output month in the history of HB as our team came together with a commitment to support our customers in getting product back into the supply chain, onto the shelves, and into people’s homes.

HB staff delivering food to donation hubs in Idaho

In an effort to support our local communities, we delivered thousands of pounds of food products to local food banks and businesses to help those in need through volunteer efforts by HB team members.  We will continue to provide what we can to our communities through this pandemic and beyond.

In addition to our responsibility to our customers and the communities we live in, our Executive Team at HB has implemented changes to make sure our team members are taken care of during this trying time.  We ramped up recruitment efforts to provide job opportunities to people who suddenly found themselves out of work due to the COVID impact, and with that in mind waived the probationary period for opting into our health insurance program so all new team members who have recently joined can have immediate access to health insurance coverage.  In addition, HB gave across the board either hourly wage increases or bonuses to help their employees get through this challenging time we are all facing together.

It is our honor to be designated as a food company critical to our nation’s supply. We will remain committed to working with our customers to make sure people have access to food in grocery stores.


HB Specialty Foods



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